Cat Visits

Go on holiday with the peace of mind your cat is being cared for in their home environment.
Your cats will be kept in their usual routine with lots of fuss, care and attention.
Kittens and elderly cats catered for. Medication administration also provided if needed.

cat resting
Green Eyed Cat

First Class Care

Tailor made visits to suit your cats needs. They will be fed, watered and cat litter trays cleaned. There will be fuss and playtime for you cats too. As well as any additional things they need.

Security and peace of mind

It isn't just the cats in safe hands but your home as well. We also turn lights on and off, open and close curtains, put bins out for collection etc. Our vehicles are unnamed so it is not made obvious you are away.

Birds, rabbits and small furries catered for see next page for more information

Cat Eyes

Danielle is just the best! We trust her with our brood of 3 cats and full access to our house when we are away. We know that our pets are in the best hands with Danielle. Caring for animals is not just a job, but a true passion which reflects fully in her work. We just couldn't find anyone better if we tried.

Jess. Bella, Indy and Bentley's mum